Monday, September 29, 2008


When I first got to New York City I thought I would find the best Dj's in the world, but I confirmed my ignorance on electronic music when I got here and found a very poor techno music scene.
Bad taste is the rule for booked Dj's in NYC, and after some months of searching, and thanks to a friend, I came across Wolf+Lamb:Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi, two Newyorkers who come from Egyptian and Jew cultures who had to find their own venue to perform decent techno. They created "The first label of it's kind, Wolf + Lamb Music a label designed as a no-frills distribution medium that reflected their ideals: a simple, single release oriented, open source music label offering free source downloads for all releases."
I wouldn't say they play straight ahead minimal techno because their BPM (beats per minute) are slower and they use some nice warm extra layers and a special characteristic bass, specially Gadi, who played a remarkable set the second weekend of September. But besides the sub-genre names, they're heading a nice electronic music field that needs more "good taste" explorers.
Last Saturday Wolf+Lamb reached their party number 50. I hope they keep it up.
If you want to find their catalogue go to or to their homepage
Just click on the title of this post and you'll be there.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'd like to post something on Wolf+Lamb but I'm tired and I haven't downloaded the pics, I guess I'll do it during the week so for now let's continue with my "pop-quiz". Today I'm into CLASSIC SINGLES.

Which David Bowie song was a Top20 hit in two different versions, seven years apart?

And the sigle is...
"John, I'm only dancing"

Here's the single version:

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I randomly bumped with the following video

Is this possible? I haven't made up my mind. Is it amazing or just a waste of time?
I give he/she the credit: It's very boring to find the pitch on a phone. Actually I thought most of them where A (la). is this music?
I'm speechless...not even, I'm like this:

imagen what was going trough the phone player's head.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


More "pop-quiz". Today I chose another COVER ART question on one of my favorite bands: RADIOHEAD but before I forget here's the link to listen to a concert from their last tour.

Under what pseudonym has Thom Yorke designed sleeves for Radiohead releases?


The pics I uploaded are part of the limited edition that was presented in a red hard bound book filled with illustrations by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke who used the pseudonym. This Cover Art won the Grammy.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Ok, so I still don't understand why NIN cancelled some of their South American shows but today I got this on my e-mail and I want to share it with you because when I got it I felt guilty for my previous post but I'm not exactly sure why. (Colombian fans showed their interest on the band so I shouldn't feel bad...). Anyway, here's the message:

Message from Trent:

Hello everyone.
I'd like to thank everyone for a very successful year so far in the world of Nine Inch Nails. I'm enjoying my couple of weeks off between legs of our Lights In The Sky tour and got to thinking... "wouldn't it be fun to send out a survey to everyone that's shown interest in NIN?" Well, that's not exactly how it went, but regardless - here it is. As we've moved from the familiar world of record labels and BS into the unknown world of doing everything yourself, we've realized it would benefit us and our ability to interact with you if we knew more about what you want, what you like, what you look like naked, etc. I know it's a pain in the ass but we'd truly appreciate it if you'd take a minute and help us out. As an incentive, everyone who completes the survey will be able to download a video of live performance from this most recent tour (and I know what's going through your little minds right now: "I'll just grab this off a torrent site and not have to fill out the survey!!!" and guess what? You will be able to do just that and BEAT THE SYSTEM!!!! NIN=pwn3d!!!)
What if we were to select some of those that DO complete the survey and provide them with something really cool? I'm not saying we'll ever get around to it, but if we did maybe something like signed stuff, flying someone to a show somewhere in the world, a magic amulet that makes you invisible, a date with Jeordie White (condoms supplied of course), you know - something cool. See, you'd miss that opportunity AND be a cheater.
Do the right thing - help us out. You'll feel better.

Thank you and I've had too much caffeine this morning,

Visit here to take the survey:

Friday, September 19, 2008


Pic. by raquel Castaño

Everybody's upset because NIN's concert that was programmed for Oct. 12 2008 was cancelled in Bogotá, Colombia (South America).
There was a lot of speculation about the cancelation but Alfredo villaveces, Evenpro's representative was clear when he said that it was the band who decided to cancel the concert because it's not a profitable show if you think about the production expenses and all the equipment that needs to be transported and stored for the show.
Yes, it's true it's easier to have the gig in the U.S, but what about the music? and the fans? and the experience?. I guess some people forget about the beauty of art when money comes in the way, and I'm not saying they should loose money, but WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC?
Well, NIN also cancelled their shows in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre and Trent Reznor wouldn't dare to talk to Colombian media.
So, eventhough I like NIN's music, it looks like they've forgotten about it and this is just bussines, so here's something I want you to think about. Specially you colombian NIN fans (just so you stop blaming Evenpro):
It's true Trent Reznor is responsible for creating the first industrial album to sell a million copies with Pretty Hate Machine in which he wrote the songs, coproduced and played every instrument. But beyond that, and the fact that you can enjoy NIN's music for purely enterteinment and not a critical experience, what's the ultimate creation of Reznor?.
Really, I mean, we're talking about a guy that described himself in 1997 in a Spin interview like this: "I'm boring...and I kind of made this pact with myself that I would just be honest(...)I am 31. I was born in Pennsylvania. I wasn't a male prostitute. I'm not gay. My tongue is my own. It's not like a Marilyn Manson situation".
So I guess I agree with Melissa Maerz (senior editor of Rolling Stone) when she says that "ultimately the most interesting art reznor has ever created is Marilyn Manson".
So yes, the show was canceled but still, Marilyn Manson WAS in Bogotá. So no worries.


More questions on COVER ART.
Which John Lennon album sleeve features his own childhood drawings?

Walls and bridges

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Usually I hate quizes and questions, specially when they're related with music but yesterday I bought Uncut, a great magazine, and it came with a little book that made me laugh like an idiot. It's a little book called The Uncut Inquisition: The ultimate music and movie quiz book. Just with that name it took me a day to decide to open it, but when I read it I loved it. I found it very funny and I found interesting things in it, that's why I'll be posting some of these questions in my blog just to share them with you. It'll be my new trend. A question and an answer.
For my deffense, I'll only post questions that I found usefull, like things that appear on cereal boxes..he he he, or things that relate to my favorite artists. Off course if you have any suggestions I'm always open but for now let's begin with COVER ART:

Which Blur album sleeve was creation of graffiti artist Banksy?

Yes, Think Tank!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Let's keep the blue feeling. Here's The Cure with a nice sad song.
I like what they say on the info: "An alternate video version from 1990 released by The Cure. Only aired a few times; this is a gift to all real cure fans..." at least this is a living legend... because I'm still grieving R.Wright

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday I read the bad news: Richard Wright's dead. Today I was walking on 12 street and 1 av. and saw this graffiti that show my feelings.

"Music was our drug" said Richard Wright, Pink Floyd's keyboard player who died yesterday (Monday, Sept.15). He had cancer.
I will not write an obituary. I'll be brief, these last five years many of my favorite musicians have died. It's the law of life... But still it's hard to know.
One of my favorite keyboard players is dead. He inspired me, and in a way determined my sound, and also, was ahead of time with some of the things he did. R.Wright's not going to be one of the musicians I love and had the chance to see live. I wish at least I'd seen him on a bad concert, even in the fake 2005's live 8...shiiiiit.
O.k, prepare to read the phrase You'll see and hear a 1.000 times: R.Wright wrote the Great gig in the sky the 4th track on "The dark side of the moon" Pink Floyd's record that sold about 40 million copies.
Well, We all know that music pretty well, here's some of Wright's music from Wet Dream

And here's a nice video I found

Thursday, September 11, 2008


In This video: Stomu Takeishi on bass and Lucía pulido on cuatro and voice. They where playing Tonada de Luna Llena, at the Encuentro de Música Colombiana in NYC, Nov. 2007.

In November last year I heard Lucía Pulido for the first time and she made me cry. Lucía is a Colombian singer that stands out not only for her special approach to music, but also for being an authentic folclore interpreter. Basically, she's the REAL THING and not a folclore thief.
I'll explain the term folclore thief: I've found, as a Colombian musician, that many Colombians exit my country and come to NY or go somewhere else to study music. Meanwhile,they discover what real and authentic folclore lovers have known for centuries; Colombian music is aesthetic, unique, beautiful, and good, so, what these thiefs do is sell our ethnic and folk music by learning some songs while being in another country. They exploit our songs playing them with no respect, or spirit, or tradition, or even accuracy. Meanwhile they take the opportunity to make money and allege to be unique, rare, and even special, but the truth is they're only a cheap fake.
Being that said, Lucía's music is the opposite of that definition. Lucía is a complete and true musician that brings the listener to the essence of Colombian music from an intimate and modern approach. Lucía works with outstanding musicians like bassist Stomu Takeishi, drummer Ted Poor, and clarinetist and flutist Adam Holker all under guitarrist Sebastián Cruz's gudance.
I really recommend Lucía Pulido's most recent recording "Waning moon"/"Luna menguante" which will be released September 16th and you can find under the label Adventure Music (

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last Friday I went to the Sullivan Hall to a great concert. It was Brother Joscephus and the live revival revolution orchestra. I've never heard them before but the arrangements as well as the tight sound of the ensemble where perfect. The good thing is that they know exactly how to balance old tradition with new, and as they state on their myspace: "Brother Joscephus offers the best gospel-style music without the bothersome "subservience to Jesus" part. Throw in a liberal amount of Ray Charles/Al Green/Otis Redding soul and some good ol' roots rock and you've got a perfect stew simmered to porchswing perfection". My favorite musician was the music director, pianist and arranger...Whom I forgot his name but it's the guy in the second picture, and he is a great musician and performer and it also took me a while to recognize him after the show because without the sunglasses and the white colthes looked as a complete different person.
If you wan to listen to their music go to


After a long break my favorite party's back. Moby and Aaron J of Brazilian girls. Yeah!
Don't forget it's Thursday September 18 @ Hiro Ballroom 371 w16th street. At 9th Av.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I saw this sign @ Sullivan Hall. Every auditoriun should have one. I just bought a new small camera and this is the first pic I post with my new Polaroid...I'll upload some of the other pictures I shot yesterday later


Yesterday I was at a very loud concert and a friend asked me if I smoked. I was courious about the question so he told me that cigarette filters worked as good earplugs. I thought this was the perfect soulution for loud situations. I woke up today and did my research. This is what I found.

"Using some Malboro extralight filters we conducted a quick experiment to see just how effective they might be. The results:They afford no protection below 500Hz and about 6 Db @ 500, 12 Db @ 1000, and 22 Db @ 2000, just like you would expect from a leaky earplug. It is also important to note that the numbers above are only for filters sized exactly right and sealed tightly around the perimeter of the ear canal. Since the diameter of a cigarette filter is only about 8 mm, they are on the small size for most of the population" (found @ audiology online. Hearing protection)

"DO NOT expect any benefit from such non-standard earplugs as cotton, cigarette filters, putty, gum and even empty bullet casings (on the shooting range). They present multiple risks to your hearing because they don't effectively attenuate sound, they are uncomfortable and they are unhygienic" (found @

"Make-shift protectors, such as cigarette filters, cotton, or bullet casings do NOT protect you and are not hygienic" (found @ Army webpage)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes, it's true I should know these things but I didn't, so I'm thrilled 'cause I just found out Andy Warhol was manager and self proclaimed PRODUCER! of The Velvet Underground. Can you imagine? I knew the sixties where surrealistic but this is just too much. Warhol got the Velvets a deal with Verve records and he was labeled as their producer,liberating the band so they could explore their raw sound.
Now, lets go back.
By 1965 Warhol was VU's manager and he also suggested that the band featured the german-born singer Nico, so the Velvets recorded in three days in New York City their debut album "The Velvet Underground and Nico" which was released in May 1967.
The symbiosis between Warhol and VU is shown in "a symphony of sound" a video that captured a rehearsal of the band at The Factory in NYC with Nico and her son Ari which off course was filmed by Warhol.
Here's the Youtube video for you to watch

Monday, September 1, 2008


Israeli pianist Shai Maestro at the Blue Note while performing in Avishai Cohen's trio.
He was listening to Avishai's solo that later was joined by drummer Mark Guiliana


"More love we get, more love you get" said bassist Avishai Cohen last night during his last performance at the NYC's Blue Note where he presented his most recent recording "Gently disturbed". The trio,with Shai Maestro on piano and Mark Guiliana on drums, played music so intimately that a spiritual vibe got into me, specially when they presented "Eleven Wives" where Mark, as usual, extended on an impressive solo, not only as a virtuoso but also as an explorer of the spiritual mood that the music lead to.
Bass intros. as well as Shai's introduction to the last tune they played ("Nunu"), explored extreme dinamics in the pianissimo range and brought to life the intimate sound of souls.

Here´s a picture of Shai while listening to Avishai's solo that was then joined by usual I can't seem to upload it. I guess I'll have to hang it on my next entry