Monday, June 29, 2009


Today's out Moby's new album under his new label "little idiot," which is also the name of Moby's "quasi self-portrait,"as he describes it; a cartoon that he created when he was 19 years old and had to draw cartoons in the bags of "Johnnys,"the record store he worked for at the time.
I don't own "Wait for me" yet, but I watched the animated videos that Moby calls Blips, "a 30 second animated music video". Off course Little idiot is always present in the 16 music videos that correspond to each track of the record.
As I said before I don't own the music yet, but from what I heard, I can tell this is the first explicit political record Moby has completed. I'll buy it and let you know what I think, but for now here are my three favorite videos.
You can watch all of them @ and you can buy the music in whichever format you like here: