Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After a three year search in New York City I recently discovered the Jersey Loew's Theater, a Palace Theater that actually screens Silent Films with live accompaniment. The best part of it is that the music is played on a real Theater Organ. A very unique cinema organ because it is the only one that survived out of five that were especially commissioned by the five Loew's Theaters in 1928. It plays today thanks to the 10 year restoration lead by crew chief Bob Martin.
Here's my first attempt to making an audioslideshow that samples how the organ actually works, followed by the recording and explanation of part of the "Phantom of the Opera" original score explained and performed by organist Eric Fahner.

Here's the audio sample of the Wonder Morton Organ playing the "Pahntom of the Opera"

If you feel like listening to the organ playing live, here's the link to the map that shows how to get to the Jersey Loew's Theater from Downtown New York by public transportation