Thursday, October 9, 2008


Pianist, composer, singer and drummer Dave Treut just recorded with his band "Clarify"@58 North six media labs (58N6ML) over the last week. Last night they had a viedeo shoot while they played his songs @ 58N6ML and I enjoyed being there.
Lots of different sounds and infinite influences make Treut's music interesting because despite the fact of the unexpected mixture, his music is authentic, and I say it in a good way, because more authenticity doesn't necessarily means more brilliant. In Treut's case I enjoyed the blend of his grunge-alternative voice with his simple rhodes chords, his rage drumming, and his "nothing's nothing, everything's everything" lyrics. Besides Dave's music and stage jumping between the Rhodes and the drum set, I had a great time listening to his unbelievable band(2 guitars, bass, drums, trombone, trumpet, barit. sax and tenor sax).
You should listen to Dave Treut's new songs to understand better what I'm trying to say. Unfortunately, I had my small camera and the video has the worst sound... and image...hahaha, and I've been trying to upload the video for over 4 hours and nothin'..., so maybe next time.
You can check out David Treut's myspace:

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