Tuesday, October 14, 2008


All the 3.1416 (Pi...I guess my computer has that sign hidden so I wouldn't even think about using it), the Fibonacci series, and perfect proportion on music that's shown in master classical works was lost with some rock musicians that forgot how to count. I just want to see where you're standing so let's start with my math pop-quiz for today.
Multiply The Beatles' days in a week by the number of times The Doors want you to love them

yes, pretty simple uh?
8*2=16 ( I guess my comp's hidding my multiplication sign also)
The stupid Alien


Mr. Mustard said...

= Van Morrison - Sweet Sixteen

andrea said...
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andrea said...

Obviamente! cómo no pensé en eso...Quería subir el video de Iggy Pop con sweet sixteen para seguir el music math match pero no me deja subirlo en los comentarios..buuu. así que seguimos 1-0 y claramente yo voy en 0. jajaja