Thursday, October 30, 2008


You better start turning your ipod off while you catch the train because there's a lot going on under New York.
Today I randomly took off on Atlantic Av train stop which transfers to Atlantic-Pacific in Brooklyn, and while I was walking I had the good fortune to hear the Alex LoDico ensemble. This trombonist leads different ensembles and today what really made me stop and listen was Kazuki Kitamori's alto saxophone solo. I've never seen a street musician playing the way he did. UNBELIAVABLE!!! and the band was just the Real thing. They where really swingin' 'till they drop. I guess they all follow their band leader's advice who said to NPR "You see the get the beat right, you touch their heart. You try to put everything in that one note; the whole world in that one note."
I wish I had my camera but I din't. Good thing youtube exists so here's a video with Kazuki playing

For more info on Music on the MTA go to
And if you want to know more about trombone player Alex Lodico here's his page


Michelle said...

Yes, I totally agree with you - the music under NY is awsome. You know these musicians pass an audition to play in the subway? There is a lot of info on subway musicians in - you'll probably recognize many mentioned there.

musicblogspace said...

Yes it's true. They Audition. Actually this Trombone player's ensemble started playing under NYC in 1981. But I've also seen musicians playing in the subway without auditioning, just to make some extra money and show off a little bit